Acai Berry Pulp

The unsweetened pulp of the amazing acai berry was focused on during the introduction on the Oprah show featuring Dr. Perricone, who raved the pulp and the fact that it contains more nutrients than the actual acai berry juice. At this point in time, manufacturers took advantage of the world wide news that was spreading furiously about the amazing acai berry benefits by producing various types of acai berry products. Thousands of companies utilized the parts of the valuable fruit, including the acai berry pulp, to create the supplement that people are taking today.

Unfortunately, some of the companies produce and distribute acai berry supplements from parts of the berry not consisting of the nutrient-rich pulp, the part that is thicker in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and generate the acai berry power. The quality of pulps and extracts that are used in acai berry pills or the lack of acai berry pulp can greatly reduce the quality of their pills and compromise the superiority of the supplement; marking the difference between a super-potent supplement and a dud pill that produces fewer results than people are looking for. Although distributing the super food acai berry pills to the world is wonderful for the populations that are health conscious, cutting corners by using the parts of the berry that lack pulp is unfair to the consumer.

Frozen acai pulp can be purchased to get the intense amount of antioxidants that help you fight the aging process, keeping your skin smooth and supple. The frozen berry, now commonly referred to in its various forms as a super food, also contains the healthy fats, fiber, and phytosterols that the body needs to promote digestive and cardiovascular health. Not to mention the myriad of vitamins and minerals that this powerful frozen berry pulp contains that are committed to contributing to the overall health of the body.

Acai berry supplements that are made with the premium parts of the fruit are going to yield the greatest health results. This is no way means that all supplements must have acai berry pulp, but it does mean that the acai berry can be butchered enough to produce a supplement unworthy of taking on a daily basis. The frozen pulp is just one part of this outstanding fruit that has a substantial amount of nourishing ingredients to provide the human body with the acai berry power that it needs.






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