Are You Ready to Try Acai Berry?


It seems that everywhere you look nowadays; there is a new acai berry product or a new ad about an acai berry website. With all of the products being advertised on the television, the internet, and the radio, the frustration factor is sure to com into effect, creating the question: which acai berry is best for me? Then the confusion of figuring out where to buy acai berry comes into play. Do you surf the net or head on down to the local health food store? Once you get to the place where you decide to shop, where do you begin?

Let us first start by understanding the history of the acai berry. The acai berry is a deep purple berry grown on the acai palm that is found mainly in the swamplands and flood plains of Central and South America. It is known to the native people as “the fruit that cries”. The acai berry is a traditional food that is part of folklore, becoming a legend as well as making its way onto the kitchen tables in the form of juices or inside pills that are called supplements worldwide.

The benefits of acai berry seem endless. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

*Natural Energy
*Omegas (3,6,9)
*Essential Amino Acids
*Weight loss

However, with all the choices out there, it is difficult to figure out where to begin…acai berry, acai puree, acai pulp, acai capsule supplement…the possibilities go on forever. Which one should you choose? Choosing a product is a personal decision, but you can consult your local supplement store or your family physician for advice on the best supplement for your specific needs. This will narrow down the choices that you have and will make your decision much easier.


Acai is expensive and has to be imported, since acai has to travel so far to make it to the manufacturers and it takes a lot of acai berry just to make these supplements. The supplements, however, can be found at great prices due to the large amount that is manufactured at one time. Acai berry products that contain the acai berry skin and acai berry pulp work best when the acai berry is freeze dried to preserve the nutrients while in transition.


A recommended daily dosage of at least 1000 mg will provide the best acai berry benefits. This dosage of the acai berry supplement can be taken in two 500 mg increments; it is easier to swallow the supplement and as well as package it when it is manufactured in the smaller dose. When combined with a daily exercise regimen and a proper diet, the acai berry supplement will work its magic to the fullest extent.




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