Freeze-Dried Acai Berry


It is no surprise that the key ingredient in the acai berry pill is the acai berry, filled with the most wonderful health properties that fruit can possess. Once harvested, these fruits move quickly from the point of picking to the manufacturer that transfers them into a supplement in order to maintain their rich assortment of nutrients. If they are not handled quickly and efficiently, the acai berry benefits are lost due to slow processing.


The acai berries start losing their healthy qualities within 24 hours of harvest, but the freeze-dry method stops the natural ingredients within these berries from losing their healthy qualities instantly. After they are plucked from the tree, these amazing berries are crushed or freeze-dried for use in juice, smoothies, or supplements made by manufacturers. Once the freeze dried berries make it to their destination, the manufacturer extracts from them the juices and processes the fruits into the supplements that are taken today for weight loss, heart health, natural detoxification and many more applications.


These berries cannot be bought in America in the produce section, but you might be able to find the acai berries themselves in a health food store or a local grocery store in their freeze-dried state. Mixed with water, the acai berries can be added to water to produce a delicious drink with the unique taste and aroma of fresh picked acai berry. Although fruit juice smoothies sound yummier than the pills, people tend to lean more toward taking the daily supplement than using the actual berries in a drink.


As with any other supplement or ingestible items, be sure to heed all warnings and consult with your doctor when drinking the acai berry fruit juice smoothies or taking the acai berry supplement. Although the benefits are extraordinary, medicinal reactions may occur if mixed with prescriptions or over the counter drugs. Never take more than the recommended amount of the acai berry pill, even if you are in dire need to lose weight for the upcoming wedding. Consuming too many of these supplements can cause diarrhea due to the amount of fiber found in them.


The acai berry benefits brought to you by the people in South America that shimmy up the trees to collect these fruits, the people that freeze dry them, and the manufacturers that turn them into supplements want you to be healthy. Purchase your power-packed acai berry supplement today on our order page and experience the acai benefits.




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