History of the Acai Berry


Natives Knew the Secret First

The native tribes of the Amazon jungle were the first to utilize thousands of rainforest fruits for medicinal and healing purposes. Included in the variety of fruits that they made use of was the acai berry that grew on the acai palm and used as a cure-all for many ailments. Known to treasure natural health regimens, medicinal and herbal remedies, the native tribes enjoyed the curative benefits of the acai berry for thousands of years before it became popular elsewhere in the world. It was not until the 1990’s that the acai berry’s benefits acquired a well-known name in the western world.


The Secret Acai Berry Power


Similar in appearance to what look like some dark purple blueberries, these little berries pack a punch when it comes to nutrition and health advantages. The remarkable health rewards that this berry presented come from the long list of essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, omega fatty acids, and many other necessary items the body requires. Boasting the ability to aid in weight loss, increase energy, improve digestion, detoxify the body, perk up circulation, and even more healthy benefits, the acai berry is the best feel-good supplement available over the counter for anyone to use.


Evolution Toward Acai Berry Juice and Energy Bars


The acai berry was eventually found in acai berry juice drinks, energy bars, and other similar healthy food snacks, and when America finally opened their eyes to the exclusive properties of the berry, the demand for the berry grow strong. Along came the introduction to the acai berry supplements to the line of health food supplements already on the market.


Acai Berry Benefits Make a Debut on Television


Fame has taken the acai berry and made a prominent name for it in the television industry, originally creating a debut for the acai berry supplement on the Oprah show and spreading on to other shows like the Rachel Ray Show. Passed around like a hot and spicy rumor, the acai berry results were clear: people were singing the praises of the acai berry “super food”, as coined on the Oprah Show.

Acquire the health benefits of the acai berry and the advantages that come along with them by taking an acai berry supplement each day. Acai berry supplements include all the advantages in the acai berry in one simple pill taken orally daily. Obtain more energy and start fighting the signs of aging by adding acai berry to your daily regimen today.




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