The Acai Berry Supplement Does Not Need Oprah’s Endorsement


Since Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Perricone, M.D. and Dr. Oz, M.D. endorsed the acai berry and its natural remedial properties on the Oprah Winfrey show, companies that produce and sell the acai berry supplement have been misconstruing the words of the famous talk show host and doctor for the benefit of their own sales. In an effort to promote their own acai berry supplements, companies are quoting the talk show host and one of her favorite doctors as having endorsed specific brands of supplements. Although untrue and absolutely not the first time a celebrity name has been used in conjunction with a product they were said to endorse, it certainly will not be the last.


With Oprah’s lawyers still crawling all over the place and tracking down the acai berry supplement companies that are falsely misshaping Oprah’s words, the whole situation has become a complete mess. It seems that Oprah was furious about the way her name was being used as a supporter of individual name brands of the acai berry products. According to the Oprah website, her lawyers are still in the process of pursuing suits against at least 40 acai berry supplement internet marketing companies for trademark infringement and there are probably more to come.


Unfortunately, our world is full of imperfectly and purposely misconstrued words and celebrities are sure to get at least a glimpse of their fair share of it, being in the limelight at all times. But, when it comes to the acai berry and its super food status, the product’s ingredients and results speak for itself. It does not require Oprah or Dr. Oz to approve of each individual supplement’s natural qualities that are so healthy for the human body. Even without the verbal approval from Oprah and Dr. Mehmet Oz, the acai berry super food still contains some of the best natural vitamins and minerals in the world.


Regardless of who pushes the name of the acai berry supplements, the pills are antioxidant rich to fight off the bad toxins that enter the body and full of fiber to regulate the system and aid in weight loss. Celebrities do not need to rave about how people that require an extra kick in their diet can consume these miracle berries because they are packed with the essential nutrients needed to give that healthy boost. The acai berry supplement does not need the media buzz, because the natural born properties these berries start off with top any other fruit in the world.




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